Burn Permits

Property owners that own more than five acres of land that is zoned other than residential may conduct property maintenance burns twice annually by permit — between October 1 and May 30 and during the daylight hours of sunrise to sunset. Property owners must adhere to the following:

  1. The property owner will acknowledge in the burn permit application that the property owner assumes full responsibility and liability for any damages incurred by their open burning 
  2. The brush pile is a minimum of 500 feet from a residential neighborhood unless approval is granted by the Fire Marshal or Fire Chief for a reduced distance
  3.  The brush pile is a minimum of 200 feet from any forest, tree line, or combustible structure
  4. The brush pile contains only brush, limbs, or wood items that were collected on the identified property and not trucked in or transferred from another location
  5. There will be no property maintenance burns when winds exceed 10 miles per hour
  6. Property owners will abide by any and all published State of Tennessee, County-wide or City declared burn bans
  7. Property owners (or designated person) must remain on-site with adequate fire extinguishing equipment until the fire is extinguished and no longer smoldering
  8. Property Owners may request Fire Department Stand-by assistance during property maintenance burns at the designated rate as listed in the City of Spring Hill Fee Schedule

Spring Hill Title 7 Ordinance

Open Burning Flyer

Blasting – Regulated by the State of Tennessee: 

The State of Tennessee regulates all construction blasting. If you have questions about construction blasting, please contact the State Fire Marshal’s office at (615) 741-7190.

Campfires & Bonfires – No Permit Required: 

Permits are not required for campfires and bonfires, but they must be approved by the Fire Marshal's office or the Battalion Chief prior to use. Recreational fire pits are not to be used for burning of trash or large amounts of yard waste. The fire pit shall not be located within twenty-five feet of a structure or any combustibles. It must not be any larger than three feet in diameter, or more than two feet in height.

Construction Burning – Prohibited

All construction debris must be hauled away from the site. Land clearing fires are prohibited.

Hand-Warming (In-barrel) No permit issued

The use of a fifty-five-gallon barrel is allowed for hand-warming and the barrel shall be at least 25 feet from any structure or combustibles.

Residential Trash / Brush Burning - Prohibited

Residential burning of trash and/or yard waste/brush is prohibited in Spring Hill. The City of Spring Hill’s Public Works Department collects yard waste/brush from homeowners. For more information, contact the Public Works Department at (931) 486-2252 ext. 279.