Municipal Codes Enforcement

Division of Municipal Codes Enforcement

The Spring Hill Codes Enforcement Division is a subdivision of the Spring Hill Building Code Department which is under the direction of the Building Codes Director (Mr. Chris Brooks) whose main responsibility is the issuance of construction permits for both commercial and residential properties. Also included in this authority is the inspection of, and adherence to local, county, and state building codes and procedures.

The Building and Planning Department also tracks and issues all municipal permits required by the citizens of Spring Hill.

Community Patrol

Codes Enforcement Division, administered by Officer Jimmy Leneski is tasked with conducting area patrol of the City’s subdivisions, commercial, and business areas in an effort to identify municipal violations.

Code Violations

These violations include but are not limited to:

  • Animal complaint violations
  • Noise complaints
  • Overgrown properties (abandoned or occupied)
  • Parking violations
  • Trash and debris violations
  • Untagged/inoperable vehicles
  • Any health, safety, and/or citizen welfare violations that may arise throughout the City in general

Included in this tasking is the tracking of cases from the initial municipal violation or complaint, physical investigation of the complaint, delivery of violation notices, and the followup inspections to check compliance, or the issue of municipal citations and the prosecution of these cases to include the recovery of fines and fees issued by the court.

Resolution of Complaints / Violations

Citizens of Spring Hill should understand that Codes Enforcement is a multifaceted process and that certain violations are not removed or abated immediately. While the City makes every effort to resolve these violations in an expeditious manner, certain violations are not resolved until prosecuted in Spring Hill Municipal Court.