City Ordinances

Municipal Code

The Spring Hill Municipal Code has been enacted and approved by the City of Spring Hill Board of Mayor and Aldermen in an effort to provide the citizens of Spring Hill with the best living conditions, while also striving to keep property values at the highest level possible.

By establishing, maintaining, and providing aggressive enforcement of these municipal codes, the City is able to provide a positive effort to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of all its citizens through fair and balanced application of the enforcement process and the efforts of the Spring Hill Municipal Court process.

Resident Responsibilities

  • Keep all vehicles in proper running condition and fully licensed at all times within City limits.
  • Maintain all properties and yards on a continual basis.
  • Ensure all trash and debris are properly disposed of in an approved manner utilizing approved disposal methods.
  • Follow proper municipal permit provisions before starting any construction projects within City limits.

What Codes Enforcement Division Will Not Do

  • Maintain / cut properties on a continual basis
  • Take sides or argue neighbor or neighborhood disputes
  • Provide or carry out, biased, or unnecessary enforcement practices or actions
  • Put up with verbal abuse, foul language, physical and/or verbal threats or abuse