Common Codes & Enforcement

Common Codes & Ordinances

The following is a list of the most commonly used municipal codes and/or Ordinances:
  • Ordinance # 11-15 (Section #15-706) – Vehicle regulations within City limits
  • Municipal Code # 13-104 – Maintenance of Private Property
  • Municipal Code # 13-106 – Health and Sanitation Nuisances
  • Municipal Code # 10-101- Animals Running At-Large
  • Municipal Code # 10-105 – Keeping in such a manner as to become a nuisance prohibited
  • Municipal Code # 10-205 - Noisy Dogs Prohibited
  • Municipal Code # 11-401 – Disturbing the Peace

Codes Enforcement Division Responsibilities

  • Ensure public health and Citizen safety.
  • Administer a strong, fair, legal, and consistent enforcement program.
  • Enforce, prosecute and resolve any and all violations to municipal codes / ordinances to the best of our ability following local and legal procedures.
  • Maintain property values at the highest level possible.
  • Provide a proactive approach to deterring crime by remaining visible in the community.

Did You Know?

  • Codes Enforcement Division handles an average of 3,021 violations of all types throughout an average year.
  • Codes Enforcement Division takes action on approximately 30 - 40 abandoned properties per year.
  • Codes Enforcement Division has successfully shut down two puppy mills and prosecuted the offenders to the full extent of municipal and state criminal law.