Solicitor/Transient/Vendor Permits

Spring Hill Municipal Code Title 9, Chapter 2 requires that any peddler, canvasser, solicitor or transient merchant wishing to do business within the City of Spring Hill obtain a Solicitor/Transient/Vendor Permit.

One Solicitor/Transient/Vendor Permit Application must be submitted for each person who will be vending or soliciting in the City, along with an investigation fee of $10.00 per application. Each applicant must attach a copy of his/her driver's license/State I.D. to the application. The Spring Hill Police Department will conduct a background check on each applicant, and it takes at least 72 hours to get these results from the Police Department. In addition to this application and investigation fee, every permittee shall file with the City Recorder a $1,000.00 surety bond or certificate of insurance.  Once the necessary back ground checks have been completed and approved by the Spring Hill Police Department, each applicant will be issued a solicitation/transient/vendor permit.

Solicitor Permits - (Includes businesses going door-to-door)
Solicitor permits shall expire on the same date that the permittee's privilege license (business license) expires and shall be renewed without cost if the permittee applies for and obtains a new privilege license within thirty (30) days thereafter. Permits issued to permittees who are not subject to a privilege tax shall be issued for one (1) year.

Food Trucks/Tents 
Mobile food truck vendors and food tent vendors must apply for a Solicitor Permit and a Temporary Use Permit.   

Transient Vendors (Tennessee Code Annotated 67-4-710)
Transient Vendors bring goods from out-of-state to sell here in Spring Hill on a temporary basis. (If transient vendors set up for more than six months in the same place, they are not transient. They must obtain a business tax license.) Once the necessary back ground checks have been completed and approved by the Spring Hill Police Department, transient vendors will be issued a transient vendor permit. Each permittee shall pay $50.00 for each 14 day period that he/she intends to be engaged in business within the City of Spring Hill.

Solicitor permits should be submitted to the City Recorder's Office located inside City Hall at 199 Town Center Parkway, Spring Hill, Tennessee 37174. They may also be mailed to the City of Spring Hill at P.O. Box 789, Spring Hill, Tennessee 37174.