All city ordinances are free and available to inspect at City Hall. To view and/or request copies of City Ordinances or Resolutions, please complete a Records Request Form and submit it to the City Recorder’s office located inside the Spring Hill City Hall at 199 Town Center Parkway, Spring Hill, TN 37174.

In most cases, records requests will be completed within 72 hours and there is a charge of $ .15 per page for black and white copies and $ .25 per page for color copies. For more information on records requests, please contact the City Recorder’s office at (931) 486-2252 ext. 206, (888) 774-8988 ext. 206, or (888) 774-9088 ext. 206.



Ordinance 18-09, to rezone 3.52 acres being 3772 Kedron Rd, Maury Co. Tax Map 043, Parcel 002.00 from Ag to R-1
Ordinance 18-08, to amend Title 15, Section 306 C of the SH Municipal Code pertaining to fines for speeding offenses
Ordinance 18-07, to amend the Employee Handbook regarding employee health insurance benefits permitting opt out incentive
Ordinance 18-06, to amend the Employee Handbook regarding employee health insurance benefits as it pertains to spousal coverage
Ordinance 18-05, to rezone 90.26 acres of property, 2774 Buckner Lane from Ag to TND
Ordinance 18-04, amended Budget 2017-2018
Ordinance 18-03, rezoning of 4455 Tom Lunn Road to R-2 Bentley Place PUD
Ordinance 18-01, rezoning of 3.0 acres, 4957 and 4957 Lovell Lane, Maury County from Ag to B-1


Ordinance 17-21, to rezone property at Beechcroft Road from M-1 to B-4
Ordinance 17-20, to amend Spring Hill Municipal Code, Title 2, Chapter 2, regarding Parks and Recreation Commission
Ordinance 17-19, amending Ordinance 17-11, Budget for fiscal year 2017-2018
Ordinance 17-18, to rezone property on Port Royal Road, Tax Map 043, Parcel 011.04, from Ag to R-4
Ordinance 17-16, to adopt an updated Spring Hill Municipal Code
Ordinance 17-15, to allow credit or debit card payments and establish a processing fee
Ordinance 17-14, to amend the Spring Hill Employee Handbook regarding Employee Benefits
Ordinance 17-13, Rezoning 351-2017 (Old Military Road) rezone to R-2 PUD (failed)
Ordinance 17-12 PUD 81-2015, Enclave at Oaklawn, rezone from AG to R-2 PUD (failed)
Ordinance 17-11, Budget 2017-2018
Ordinance 17-10, Amending Budget for Fiscal Year 2016-2017
Ordinance 17-08, to amend Williams Park 2, PUD, Maury County Tax Map 028, Parcel 005.02, zoned R-2 PUD and Commercial PUD
Ordinance 17-06, to rezone Maury County Tax Map 024, Parcel 010.00 from R-2 to R-2 PUD - Arbor Valley
Ordinance 17-05, to rezone Williamson County Tax Map 154, parcel 06203 from R-2 to PZD and Williamson County Tax Map 166, parcel 02300 from AG to PZD
Ordinance 17-04, to rezone property being Maury County Tax Map 043, Parcel 14.00 from R-2 to R-2 PUD - Tom Lunn Road
Ordinance 17-02, to amend the Personnel Manual regarding Nepotism

Ordinance 16-25, to amend Budget for Fiscal Year 2016-2017
Ordinance 16-24, to amend the Zoning Ordinance regarding provisions for telecommunication towers
Ordinance 16-21, Certified Tax Rate 2016
Ordinance 16-20, Amended Budget 2016-2017
Ordinance 16-19, to rezone Property Tax Map 024, Parcel 014.00 from Ag to B-1
Ordinance 16-18, to amend the conditions placed on zoning B-4 pertaining to Tract 112 Duplex Rd, pursuant to Ordinance 06-17
Ordinance 16-17, to vacate a portion of an existing water easement as described for Tax Map 043, Parcel 001.16
Ordinance 06-16, to amend Title 15, Chapter 1 of the Spring Hill Municipal Code regarding through traffic in neighborhoods
Ordinance 16-15, to adopt Electronic Citation Regulations and Fees
Ordinance 16-14, levying a privilege tax on hotels and motels
Ordinance 16-13, to amend Ordinance 14-07 and the Spring Hill Municipal Code regarding offenses against peace and quiet
Ordinance 16-12, to rezone property known as the Villages at Harvest Point-Intersection of Beechcroft Rd and Cleburne Rd
Ordinance 16-11, Budget for Fiscal Year 2016-2017
Ordinance 16-08, to amend the budget for Fiscal Year 2015-2016 (final)
Ordinance 16-07, to rezone Maury County Tax Map 050, Parcels 010.00 and 010.02 from B-2 to R-4
Ordinance 16-06, to rezone Maury County Tax Map 025O, Group B, Parcel 018.01 from B-2 to B-4
Ordinance 16-05, to amend the SH Zoning Ordinance related to Planned Zoning Districts PZD
Ordinance 16-04, to rezone property at 5238 Main Street from B-2 to B-4
Ordinance 16-03, to rezone the property Williamson County Tax Map 153, Parcel 027.00 to R-4
Ordinance 16-02, to amend Ordinance 86-47 (failed)