Tourism Council

Tourism Council


Upon recommendation of the Rippavilla Task Force in 2018, the Board of Mayor & Aldermen (BOMA) formed and chartered the Spring Hill Tourism Council to serve as an advisory committee to the BOMA “regarding tourism related properties and matters, and to serve as liaison between citizens, interested parties related to these properties and matters, and the BOMA.”

The Council, which conducts quarterly meetings, is a volunteer committee in which citizens are nominated and appointed by majority vote of the BOMA. Additional duties of the Tourism Council include:

• Overseeing completion of a Master Plan for Rippavilla Plantation

Ÿ• Development of an operating budget and Capital Improvement Plan for BOMA’s approval

Ÿ• Reporting at each monthly BOMA meeting on the activities and plans of the Council

Ÿ• Working with personnel as selected and supervised by the City

As recommended by the Task Force, the membership of the Tourism Council should include:

Ÿ• A delegate of the Historic Commission selected by the chairman of that commission

Ÿ• A delegate of the Parks & Recreation Commission selected by the commission’s chairman

Ÿ• A delegate of the Economic Development Commission (EDC) selected by the commission’s chairman

Ÿ• A BOMA member selected by the mayor

Ÿ• At-large member(s) appointed by majority vote of the BOMA


• Susan Zemek

Vincent Fuqua, EDC representative

• Greg Bearden, Parks & Rec. Commission representative

• Bill Benedict, Historic Commission representative

• Matt Langley, BOMA at-large citizen representative


The Tourism Council meets at 5:00 p.m. on the second Thursday of each month in the Spring Hill City Hall conference room.