Past Public Meetings

Seeking Citizen Input on Completed Conceptual Plans

Design for the Buckner Lane Widening Project continues to progress following the initial public meeting held on January 14, 2020. The proposed widening is from Duplex Road north to Buckner Road. The City’s consultant, Kimley-Horn, as well as City officials have been working to complete conceptual plans for the alignment and configuration of the widening project.The minimizing of impacts to property owners along the corridor remains a key design objective as design progresses.The conceptual plan will serve in part as the basis for preparing preliminary plans, right-of-way plans, and final construction plans for both the north and south segments.Key design features include:  

  • Two lanes in either direction along with center turn lanes and decelerations at various intersections along the corridor. 
  • Medians are proposed as a traffic calming measure and to manage turn movements as well as to improve aesthetics along the corridor. 
  • A sidewalk and multi-use trail are proposed on either side of the street along with corresponded pedestrian crossings at signaled intersections to enhance walkability and safe pedestrian travel along the corridor.  

While the City is not able to facilitate a face-to-face public meeting due to COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines, the City is providing presentation materials that include design details and aerial plan imagery depicting the conceptual alignment of the widening project along the entire corridor from Duplex Road to Buckner Road for viewing by the public as well as the latest project schedule. A citizen comment card is also provided HERE so that citizens may provide comments and questions directly to Kimley-Horn on the conceptual alignment that will be considered as the design process continues to progress. Comment cards are due by Wednesday, June 10, 2020.

Click HERE for enlargeable presentation.

We thank you.

All public comments have been received and responded to. Click HERE for results.

Buckner Lane meetingPublic Meeting Held January 14, 2020

The City of Spring Hill held public meetings on Tuesday, January 14, 2020 for the Buckner Lane Widening Project. The proposed widening is from Duplex Road north to Buckner Road. Each public meeting session included a brief presentation of the initial conceptual alignment and cross-section including sidewalks and multi-use trails for the project. Representatives from the City’s consultant, Kimley-Horn, as well as City officials addressed questions and handouts (included here) were available. A mail-in comment card was provided and is also available here for residents to provide valuable input and concerns directly to Kimley-Horn.

See results of the comments and questions raised after the first public meeting HERE.

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