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We have moved to automated cart collection in Spring Hill, a cleaner, more efficient for the community, and safer for the driver. 

Proper cart placement for automated collection

Place your carts with wheels to the curb and at least 3 feet apart and 3 feet away from trees, cars, and mailboxes, to allow the automatic arm to lift and empty the carts.

Recycling cart

Use your green 96-gallon cart with the yellow lid for recycling. Please break down cardboard and do not bag your recyclables. Place all items directly into your cart. Materials outside of the cart will not be collected. Glass is not accepted.

Trash cart

Use your 96-gallon cart with the green lid for trash. Please bag and tie your trash and place all bags in your cart with the lid securely closed. Materials outside or on top of the cart will not be collected.

Have your carts at the curb the night before or no later than 6:00 a.m.on your collection day.

Need more space?

Additional carts are available to rent and will be billed directly to you by WM. Each additional cart is $7.50 per month. These carts will be available for delivery in October. Please email WM at midsouthpsscsc@wm.com or call (800) 607-9509 to place an order.