What is Nixle?
Communications are critical to an effective emergency response, and over 85% of citizens can be instantly reached on their mobile phone by text message. In crisis situations, timely information saves lives, and there is no more effective channel to quickly reach large populations than mobile text messaging. Nixle allows our agency to quickly reach citizens by both mobile phone and email using Nixle’s high performance messaging network. This is a FREE service. Go to www.nixle.com to sign up for this FREE service.

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1. What are the Non-Emergency numbers for the Spring Hill Emergency Communications Department?
2. What are the hours of operation for the Spring Hill Emergency Communications Department?
3. When should I call 911?
4. When should I NOT call 911?
5. Why am I asked so many questions when I call your E-911 Dispatch Center?
6. What about cell phones?
7. What about VoIP (voice over internet protocol)
8. What is Nixle?